About our Signals

We noticed that many forex traders especially newbies find it difficult to predict where the market will head to at any given time.

So, we decided to do the hard part while you do the simple part.
about our signals
The hard part being that we analyze the trades, find the correct entry points, stop loss and target prices and publish them for your consumption.

The simple part is now left for you and i suppose you already know what to do with the signals. If you don't already know,

Forex signal is a suggestion for entering a trade on a currency pair, usually at a specific price and time. The signal is generated either by a human analyst or an automated Forex robot supplied to a subscriber of the forex signal service. Due to the timely nature of signals, they are usually communicated via email, website, SMS, RSS or other relatively immediate method.
We deliver our free forex signals via this blog and you are required to input the trade signals with your broker. We've partnered with Liteforex broker to provide you these signals.

The only way you can show appreciation for our service is to trade use our partner broker, Liteforex for your live forex trading.

Read this Liteforex Broker Review and find the exact reason why you must use Liteforex broker for your currency trading.

If you are still a beginner in forex trading reading this page and don't know the exact thing to do with these signals, i suggest you learn how to trade forex first and then return to this blog to copy free signals for your trading.

Please note that we publish signals randomly either within the day or per week. So you will see both daily and weekly forex signals in this blog.

About the Signals

You may be wondering how these signals are generated. Its a good idea to ask questions about the signals.

Our free forex signals are generated by professional forex analysts who have got years of experience in forex trading. Following signals from such kind of analysts will be very profitable since they know what they are doing.

If you've already noticed, we made this blog as simple as possible without complicating things to enable you locate everything you need within the blog.

 We release signals on only the major currency pairs at random

NB: All signals are published at GMT +00:00 London time. 

There are two types of signals we publish on this blog.

  • Intraday signals 
  • Weekly signals
The intraday signals are published daily on the major currency pairs within the day. We  publish the signals as soon as we find a good trading opportunity.
Please note that we won't publish any signals if we don't find correct entry points in a particular day.

 We also release weekly signals. These kind of signals extend for a period of seven days after which we release another signal either on the same currency pair or a different one.
These weekly signals are sometimes limit orders and so you can still enter the trade a day after the trade has been released.

How to use our Signals

To benefit from our signals, ensure you visit this blog regularly to find when new signals are published.

Then, open your Liteforex meta 4 trading platform, open a new order and enter the parameters given in the signals.

  In order not to miss any free daily or weekly forex signal, make sure you subscribe to this blog and receive every free trading signal by email or better still, subscribe in a feed reader.
A feed reader allows you to get updated in real time when a site's feed changes.
When this happens, you are immediately notified in your browser and you can instantly visit the site to see the changes made.
A feed reader is especially useful for those who are always online.

Let us know if you have any problems with any of our services.